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Rob Lee's professional career began in London as an artist and writer for children's comics. After ghosting such characters as Dennis the Menace he went on to create dozens of his own cartoon characters. He eventually moved into animation. Rob has originated many children's cartoon concepts such as FIREMAN SAM, JOSHUA JONES and PC PEPPER. He has also collaborated on THE SHOE PEOPLE, DIGSWELL AND DAISY, THE OGGIES and many more.

Beyond painting and writing crime fiction, Rob, as director of Rob Lee Studios, has created over a hundred episodes of cartoon concepts for children's tv worldwide as well as writing and illustrating innumerable children's books. Click here to see a small sample of Rob's work (PDF download of latest folio).

Rob is now devoting more and more of his time to his first love of fine art. He works in many media, primarily acrylic. His subject matter is diverse and includes contemporary, representational and abstract works. Although now living in Wales, Rob spends much of his time in the US, particularly Florida. His recent paintings endeavour to reflect the colour and light of the Gulf State.

Many of Rob's works are in private collections.

Representative Abstract Still Life Contemporary

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Gulf ViewCabanos and KitesTruck StopGulf ViewCabanos and KitesTruck StopGulf ViewTwo Beach ChairsCabanos and KitesEmpty ChairsTruck StopKiteTwo Beach ChairsEmpty ChairsKiteTwo Beach ChairsEmpty ChairsKiteFour Beach UmbrellasBeach ShopMooringsFour Beach UmbrellasBeach ShopMooringsFour Beach UmbrellasYellow ShortsBeach ShopBay WatchMooringsRed TruckYellow ShortsBay WatchRed TruckYellow ShortsBay WatchRed TruckTruck StopBay BridgeBeach HutPalms IIITruck StopBay BridgeBeach HutPalms IIITruck StopKiteBay BridgeSeeking ShadeBeach HutMid-DayPalms IIIDecemberKiteSeeking ShadeMid-DayDecemberKiteSeeking ShadeMid-DayDecemberMooringsBeachcombersPalms IBeach PathMooringsBeachcombersPalms IBeach PathMooringsRed TruckBeachcombersThe DunesPalms IPalms IIBeach PathLate AfternoonRed TruckThe DunesPalms IILate AfternoonRed TruckThe DunesPalms IILate AfternoonPalms IIIGirl With BallStriped TowelPalms IIIGirl With BallStriped TowelPalms IIIDecemberGirl With BallWide ReceiverStriped TowelAt PlayDecemberWide ReceiverAt PlayDecemberWide ReceiverAt PlayBeach PathBeachfestView From No 7Beach PathBeachfestView From No 7Beach PathLate AfternoonBeachfestThe Ball GameView From No 7Marina ILate AfternoonThe Ball GameMarina ILate AfternoonThe Ball GameMarina IMarina IIJettyShades of the DunesMarina IIJettyShades of the DunesMarina IIGoing FishingJettyBoat After KandinskyShades of the DunesTonyGoing FishingBoat After KandinskyTonyGoing FishingBoat After KandinskyTonyMarina IIIRoller BladingBus StopMarina IIIRoller BladingBus StopMarina IIITony's BoatRoller BladingMother and DaughterBus StopPoolsideTony's BoatMother and DaughterPoolsideTony's BoatMother and DaughterPoolsideShades of the DunesSpring Break IKensington RainNo FrillsShades of the DunesSpring Break IKensington RainNo FrillsShades of the DunesTonySpring Break ISpring Break IIKensington RainPay to StayNo FrillsChilli PeppersTonySpring Break IIPay to StayChilli PeppersTonySpring Break IIPay to StayChilli PeppersBus StopParking LotTimes SquareTwo DaisiesBus StopParking LotTimes SquareTwo DaisiesBus StopPoolsideParking LotTim's TruckTimes SquareThe DinerTwo DaisiesDaisiesPoolsideTim's TruckThe DinerDaisiesPoolsideTim's TruckThe DinerDaisiesNo FrillsLight on BottlesGrid Iron IChinatownNo FrillsLight on BottlesGrid Iron IChinatownNo FrillsChilli PeppersLight on BottlesApples by FourGrid Iron IGrid Iron IIChinatownSails IChilli PeppersApples by FourGrid Iron IISails IChilli PeppersApples by FourGrid Iron IISails ITwo DaisiesRed AppleGrid Iron IIISails IITwo DaisiesRed AppleGrid Iron IIISails IITwo DaisiesDaisiesRed AppleRed ShortsGrid Iron IIIRed FlowersSails IIMiamiDaisiesRed ShortsRed FlowersMiamiDaisiesRed ShortsRed FlowersMiamiChinatownAmberGulf to BayChinatownAmberGulf to BayChinatownSails IAmberCausewayGulf to BayCausewaySails ICausewayCausewaySails ICausewayCausewaySails IISoundFreight YardSails IISoundFreight YardSails IIMiamiSoundFreewayFreight YardRed on BlackMiamiFreewayRed on BlackMiamiFreewayRed on BlackDowntownCommunicationDissolutionDowntownCommunicationDissolutionDowntownConstructionCommunicationIncognitoDissolutionPinellas NightConstructionIncognitoPinellas NightConstructionIncognitoPinellas NightRebirthRush HourInterludeRebirthRush HourInterludeRebirthBrooklyn BridgeRush HourHegemonyInterludeHarmonyBrooklyn BridgeHegemonyHarmonyBrooklyn BridgeHegemonyHarmonyDissolutionSpectrumAutumnMigration 3DissolutionSpectrumAutumnMigration 3DissolutionPinellas NightSpectrumTriptychAutumnNarcissismMigration 3MonochromaticPinellas NightTriptychNarcissismMonochromaticPinellas NightTriptychNarcissismMonochromaticInterludeSundownMigration 1HeritageInterludeSundownMigration 1HeritageInterludeHarmonySundownSpringMigration 1Migration 2HeritageVirtual ConflictHarmonySpringMigration 2Virtual ConflictHarmonySpringMigration 2Virtual ConflictMigration 3Nimbus FormationOut of BodyMigration 3Nimbus FormationOut of BodyMigration 3MonochromaticNimbus FormationTremorOut of BodyCounter PointMonochromaticTremorCounter PointMonochromaticTremorCounter PointHeritageRumourHeritageRumourHeritageVirtual ConflictRumourTetonicVirtual ConflictTetonicVirtual ConflictTetonic